My Silk Secrets


1. Have a doctorate degree in Human Sexuality.

2. Have 3 brothers and no sisters.

3. Obsessed with sunsets.

4. Went to private school growing up.

5. Own a production company called Fallen Angel Video.Alexandra Silk's Secrets image

6. I’m a Certified Somatic Sexuality Specialist.

7. Candida Royalle, Jane Hamilton & Theresa Flynt are my mentors.

8. Love to smile.

9. I wake in the morning whenever I get up and not by an alarm clock.

10. I Wonder who is reading this.

11. Hate to be late for appointments.

12. I’m a certified surrogate partner therapist (aka;  A sex surrogate).

13. I strive to keep my body alkaline.

14. Love to love.

15. Always wanted to be in Playboy magazine (Thank you Hef for making it possible).

16. I’m from Long Island, New York.

17. Love to look into peoples eyes.

18. I’m a safe sex advocate.

19. Enjoy music almost as much as sex.

20. My dog walks me 4 miles every morning.

21. I miss my porn star sister’s, Missy & Marilyn Chambers very very much.

22. Love to go on very long road trips.

23. Love to go shoe shopping on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California.

24. Love to masturbate (it’s my secret exercise for making my abs look good).

25. I’m told I have the worlds “silkiest voice”.

26. See the Oscar® nominated movie about the work that I’m doing as a sex surrogate. It’s called “The Sessions” with Helen Hunt

27. I get a manicure and pedicure every week.

28. I know how to give a really good hug.

29. Love to go hiking topless.

30. My parents rarely fought.

31. Love the ocean and have to live near it.

32. I practice breathing exercises every morning.

33. Get off on the vibrations of a Harley-Davidson.

34. Lived in Europe for three years.

35. I could tell my mom anything.

36. Speak a little Hebrew and German.

37. Think truck drivers have a hard and tedious job and love to break up their monotony by flashing my tits at them.

Alexandra Silk's measurements 38. Love to go to orgy parties.

39. Sleep in the nude.

40. Make the bed every morning.

41. Always look at a woman’s feet first when checking her out.

42. Have had sex with many famous movie stars and Directors.

43. I have a personal shopper.

44. Know my way around Las Vegas and Los Angeles, intimately.

45. Put a lot of love into everything I do.

46. Built this website all by my little self.

47. Love to make breakfast in the nude.

48. Have a very large shoe collection!!!

49. My girlfriends and I go to Las Vegas once a month & get pampered.

50. Hugh Hefner loved my ass.

51. I am known from my TV show on the Playboy channel called “Sex Court”. I play the Bailiff.

52. Use to be a majorette.

53. The smell of leather drives me absolutely crazy.

54. Love to travel!

55. Went to an exotic dancer club and got lap dances from the girls.

56. Love Zinfandel wine.

57. Favorite color is purple.

58. I like to shop in Hollywood California on Melrose Ave. You can get all kinds of slut clothes there.

59. I’m a virgo!

60. My favorite adult movie to recommend is Alexandra Silk’s® Silk Stockings.

61. I think Julie Strain is incredible!

62. Broke my leg the very first time I went snow skiing.

63. Owned my first home at the age of 22.

64. Love to talk dirty in bed.

65. Palm trees remind me of paradise.

66. Dream of making love in New Zealand someday.

67. Phil Harvey, owner of Adam & Eve, is very dear to me.

68. Sank on a boat while shooting a porn movie.

69. Think all should understand successive approximation.