• How can I get into the adult business?
      First, it helps to know someone personally in the business. If you don’t, there are agencies you can go to and register with. It’s beneficial to have a partner when you start off. That way you could make each other feel comfortable and have someone to work with. Producers are more willing to hire you that way.
    • Does cock size really matter?
      I prefer an average size cock for my every day appetite. On occasion I love to take really big cocks for variety. My pussy is very tiny, so I enjoy the comfort of a regular cock and that full feeling from a big cock. I just love cock.
    • What really goes on during a porn shoot?
      Mostly a lot of preparation. First, make-up chair, then wardrobe, then photography stills, possibly some rehearsing of dialogue, then, the reward. SEX!!!
    • What is the secret to being a great porn stud?
      Great body, good looking face, good personality, dependable & responsible, clean and last but not least, being able to get your dick rock hard then, cum when the director tells you to.
    • Would you recommend getting involved in the adult industry?
      Consider this before hand. If you don’t mind that your entire family, all your friends, co-workers and the world sees you naked and that you are fucking for a living, then go for it.
    • Are you into swinging?
      I love swingers. They have open minds and I enjoy being around the environment. Especially with my partner Luc Wylder yet Luc and I mainly stick together. But that’s ok, we are more exhibitionists anyway. It’s fun to start things up and instigate a sexual encounter. I’m very much into safe sex, such as condom usage, HIV/STD testing, and alternative sexual practices (i.e.: jerking off, exhibitionism and fetish play). I believe my sexual energy in a room is very powerful. Love to share it with others in a safe and playful manner.
    • Do you do any Private shows?
      No. But I do do public shows. I tour all the time to various conventions and such, so keep a lookout. I give out free hugs, kisses and sign autographs to you.
    • Are you really into B&D? In other words does Luc tie you up nightly?
      No, Luc does not tie me up nightly, but I enjoy exploring into that world. There’s so much I want to learn about, bondage included. I can only say this. It’s an outrageous experience if the person or people who you are doing it with know what they are doing.
    • What’s your favorite video?
      “Tramps” by Fallen Angel. We went to New Orleans during the Mardi Gras. In the last scene of the video I did this bar scene that was incredible! You have to watch it! I want to do more videos like that.
    • How do you keep your body in such great shape?
      Lots and lots of orgasms, eat raw foods and strive to keep my body alkaline. I love to masturbate which is a great for your abs, by the way. 
    • What is Judge Julie Strain really like?
      She’s the most incredible person I’ve ever met. She has so much personality and is full of energy! Julie’s smart, sexy, inspirational and super talented. I also believe she’s one of the best photographers I ever met. I could go on and on and on…
    • What’s it like when you are shooting for Playboy TV’s “Sex Court”?
      Well, I have to admit, even though it looks like I’m having a lot of fun on the show, there’s a crew of professional people that make me look good because they know what they’re doing. The days are long – up at 4 a.m. To bed about 10 p.m. (providing it’s a quickie). The production is enormous! We have a live audience and lots of commotion going on at all times. Playboy is extremely organized and wonderful to work for. I consider myself to be fortunate to have the opportunity to spread laughter and pleasure to the world through this show.
    • How many videos have you directed & do you like directing?
      I have directed three so far. My “Silk Series” for Fallen Angel. “Silk Stockings, Silk Panties and Silk Ties”. Directing is something I enjoy and I’ve fallen into the role quite naturally. Perhaps, it’s because I am an organized individual. What’s challenging me, is the creative aspect. I was so pleased to find out that my series was nominated for “Best Continuing Series” at the AVN award show. It’s the reward to all the hard work and effort that went into this project.
    • Will you marry me?
      I’m already married, but thank you for asking.
    • How do you keep your pussy so smooth & silky?
      Well, first of all, I like to keep my pussy partially shaven. I also like to put “Honey Dust” powder by Kamasutra on my pussy after my morning shower to leave my pussy tasting sweet as honey.
    • What really turns you on?
    • Lots and lots and lots of people all around me having sex. There’s nothing better than an orgy. It also turns me on when you talk dirty to me or say my name and look into my eye’s while having sex.
    • Do you have any nicknames? 
    • Alex or Silky is what most people call me. (Alexandria, Alexander or Alexandre, is not my name)
    • What is the most outrageous sex scene you have performed in?
      It hasn’t happened yet. Fallen Angel and I are currently making plans to make my wildest scene come alive. Believe me, it’ll be worth the wait for both you and me.