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Just so you know, I read every single email personally. I may not have enough time to answer all of them, but I do read all of them myself.


Love always,
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12 comments on “CONTACT
  1. David Musselwhite says:

    ummmmm I do a sressful job and I’ve just for finished for the xmas break. i saw your beautiful pictures pictures and they turn me on so much, Just having the most amazing wank now, ummmm.. thank you

  2. Brett Snyder says:

    I still see you on sex court re-runs on playboy tv.
    So cute and sexy!

  3. Gary White says:

    Hi Alex,
    Just so you know, you are my favorite pornstar. I have all of your movies and just want to know if you have any of your latest and greatest XXX movies for 2017 and 2018 as of yet. I also want to share an experience I had while I was riding the bus one morning. It’s going to blow your mind.

  4. Gary White says:

    Hi Alex,

    I got on the bus one morning on my way to work and I was sitting next to a woman who was asleep with her head leaning against the window. A few minutes later, she turned her head and started leaning on my shoulder. I turned and looked at her and tried to wake her up, but she started leaning her whole body against mine. Her head was still on my shoulder. I told her to wake up. She wouldn’t wake up. I asked her if she knew what she was doing. She nodded her head “Yes”. So the whole time I was riding, she had her head leaning on my shoulder and I mean “Hard”. People when they came on the bus started staring at us. They probably were thinking that we were boyfriend/girlfriend. The older women when the saw us they started getting angry. Later, when it was time for me to get off the bus, I told that I had leave, but she wouldn’t let me. So I grabbed her left arm, stiffened it up and placed it vertically on the seat that I was sitting so she wouldn’t keel over and fall. As I walked off the bus I told myself that this was a hell of a way to start off the morning. During the whole day, I couldn’t get that incident out of my head. I believe that she knew what she was doing and that she wanted a little foreplay. What do you think?

  5. Gary White says:

    Alex, you are still the best in the business. You and Nina Hartley. I don’t care what other people say. You take care and hope to hear from you soon.


  6. Dennis Yates says:

    Hello pretty lady! I think you are absolutely gorgeous. I want to thank for making me feel good when I need it. You impressed me with one answer you gave a fan. He proposed to you on your web site on your web site, you gave him your answer and you were lady enough to say thank you. That showed What kind of a lady you are. When I see your lips on the web site, I wish I could crawl through the computer and put a nice hot kiss on them, and while I’m doing that fondle your long beautiful hair. I got a another proposal for you. Would you marry in my dreams? lol Thanks. Hope to hear from you.

    Thank you

  7. Dennis Yates says:

    You know you have pretty eyes…

  8. Sean says:

    Hi my name is sean from united kingdom
    I just want to say I have been a fan of yours for a long time
    I even remember seeing you in a episode of real sex many years ago
    Hope to hear from you bye

  9. Dennis Yates says:

    Hey, pretty lady. You and yours have a joyous and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  10. Michael A Melice says:

    I went to see the Movie “The Sessions”, but I didn’t see you?! I skimmed through some of the movie Looking for you!

    Ever since I first saw you years ago in Adult films I was enchanted with you! Not just physically, but in every way! I think your truly Amazing Alexandria!

    Your partner is a very blessed man!

    God Bless you and your loved ones!

    In His Love,
    a fan always;

    I have a book on Amazon “My Poetic Blessings” with poetry and some artwork of mine. I also have a Bumper sticker and poster I made for Restrooms!

    Take care Alexandria! In the 80’s and 90’s your scenes could always get me off: Thank you so very much!!!

  11. Michael A Melice says:

    Sorry I put the WRONG spelling of your name, Alexandra!!

  12. Chad says:

    I’m so glad I was able to find your website again! I used visit back when you first opened it up and have been in love with you ever since! I had a short chat session with you once that year and your were so sweet, kind and endearing while chatting with me, I’ll never forget!

    At the time, I was so very interested in getting a private session with you, but was temporarily out of work and you were going to give me a little freebie, but I didn’t have a webcam yet, because they were so new at the time and VERY expensive, so we were never able to do it! I tried to keep my membership to your fan club, but was unable to.

    I am very happy to have been able to find you again! Are you still shooting film? Are you ever traveling and making appearances in Michigan? I look forward to being able to reconnect with you again after so long! Well, reconnect at least by this one email, anyway! I’ve missed you desperately.

    Thank you for being a genuinely amazing human being!

    Chad Alexander D’Aigle

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